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Off Course


”This four-man formation leaves a good impression. The electrifying performance brings back memories of the uptempo songs of Van Halen and the ballads of Queen” – Aardschok, november 2014

Silverlane is a rockband from Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. With catchy choruses, fat guitar solos, energetic drums and a driving bass, Silverlane takes the fun factor of the eighties and gives it a contemporary feel.

The basis was laid a while ago by Dennis Grefhorst (guitar & vocals) and Rolf Vermeer (bass), after which the formation was completed with Marq van Mazijk (vocals & keys) and Pascal Steneker (drums & vocals).

In 2011 the band released their first EP 'Full Ahead' with original songs such as ‘You And Me’, ‘Fresh Tattoo’ and their first single ‘Rock All Night’, which can also be found on YouTube.
The band hasn't been sitting around since then and added many new original songs to their repertoire. The addition of drummer Pascal gave an energetic boost to the 'older' songs. Dennis and Marq found each other in the process of writing, paired with a lot of cursing and raging, resulting in many unique songs. With a beautiful mix of Powerballads and Rock songs, the band releases their first full album “Off Course” in the summer of 2016.

As the support-act of Skintrade, Silverlane readily demonstrated that the combination of sweat, decibels and humor guarantees an intense show. Visiting a gig of Silverlane is therefore well worth it!

Band members

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Marq van Mazijk

Vocals and keys
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Dennis Grefhorst

Guitar and vocals
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Pascal Steneker

Drums and backing vocals
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Rolf Vermeer

Bass guitar



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